Annual Powder Puff Game Will Raise Money For Stugo


Payson High School’s annual Powder Puff football game will be played 7 to 9 p.m. Friday, Aug. 10, on PHS field.

The game will pit a team of seniors and freshmen against an opponent of sophomore and juniors.

Admission is $5, but those who wear a powder puff T-shirt will be admitted for $3.

The T-shirts will be sold at the game for $10.

Children 5 years and under are admitted free.

The concessions stands will be open and selling refreshments.

The game benefits the school’s student government.

Those who have taken in PHS powder puff games in the past know they are spirited but most often friendly.

Powder Puff, or flag football, is a game of speed, skill, ability and cunning and not meant to be a physical, pushing and pounding game.

As for tackling, it involves pulling flags without holding the ball carrier with the hand or any part of the body. A tackler who forces the ball carrier to the ground is guilty of aggressive tackling and can be penalized.

Flags must be worn on the outside of all types of clothing and the entire flag must be exposed. Flags must be in place on either side of the runner; failure to do this results in a five-yard penalty from the line of scrimmage.

If a player with the ball loses her flag during play, the ball is dead at the point of the flag fall.

As for passing, which is most often the offense of choice in powder puff, one forward pass may be thrown from any place behind the line of scrimmage. Any number of lateral passes or backward passes may be attempted from any point on the field.

The legal receivers are the two ends and the four backs.

The rules are simple, the games are fun.

Three go down

A trio of Arizona’s professional athletes were injured and taken out of weekend games.

In the Arizona Diamondbacks’ 5-4 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies, backup catcher Henry Blanco was lost to a thumb injury incurred while he was trying to make a tag at the plate.

On the same play, pitcher Daniel Hernandez had to leave after being struck in the leg by Dominic Brown’s hit up the middle.

After building an early 3-0 lead, Arizona looked to be in command before the Phillies rallied, giving the D-backs one of their most frustrating losses of the season.

On Sunday, Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback Kevin Kolb exited early with a chest or shoulder injury.

Kolb got hurt when hit in the end zone by Saints defensive lineman Sedrink Ellis who bull rushed past Cardinal right guard Adam Snyder.

Kolb’s injury could mean John Skelton will soon be the starting quarterback.

The Cards lost 21-19 to the New Orleans Saints.

Scavenger hunt

An ATV scavenger hunt to begin between 9 and 10 a.m. Aug. 18 in Pine is sure to be great fun.

It starts at 6519 Crest Drive in Pine and continues on to Forest Road 428 to the Chalet and Flying Grizzly in Strawberry before returning to the original starting line. The hunt ends between noon and 1 p.m. and is for adults.

Following the hunt, a barbecue lunch and beer will be provided. Side dishes will be appreciated.

All riders must have to participate a digital or phone camera.

The entry fee is $10 per person. The first-place prize is $150. The second-place finisher receives $75 and third place is awarded $25.

For more information, call Linda at (928) 476-2626 or Cindy at (928) 978-1187.


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