Both Parties Failing American Dream


Working families are facing unprecedented economic uncertainty in Arizona, but our leaders in Washington have failed to solve the problem.

We’ve had a slow road to recovery in our state. Our unemployment rate in Arizona still stands at 8.2 percent. And while every member of Congress says their top priority is to create jobs, instead they’ve spent four years blaming each other instead of finding solutions.

In these pages, one of our state’s top elected officials recently accused the rival party of playing class warfare. In his worldview, one party is 100 percent right and the other 100 percent wrong. That, frankly, just isn’t the case. Both sides have gotten it wrong and deserve blame for what’s happened to our economy.

Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of not providing proper oversight of a financial sector that turned our economy into a casino. Both Democrats and Republicans have failed to balance the budget, reform the tax code or cut our national debt. And both Democrats and Republicans have focused on political distractions instead of creating jobs.


Richard Carmona Senate candidate

Any honest discussion about the economy has to start with the realization that our elected leadership has failed us. There’s a lot we can do to get this economy moving, but at this point it has to start with more rational and civil behavior from the folks we send to Washington.

To start with, both parties are missing the point about how we’ll rebuild our economy for the long run. Americans don’t need handouts from the government or special favors from lobbyists to succeed. They need an infrastructure of opportunity that allows them to take chances, to get an education and follow their vision.

I know how crucial fostering opportunity is, because without it I wouldn’t be where I am today. I grew up in a poor Hispanic family in New York City. We struggled and had to learn to navigate economic and social injustice.

I dropped out of high school, but enlisting in the Army saved my life. I got my GED so I could join Special Forces, later serving as a combat medic and weapons specialist in Vietnam. When I came home, I got into college through an open enrollment program for Vietnam vets. And thanks to the GI Bill, I was able to pay my way through college and medical school.

I went on to become a trauma surgeon, hospital administrator, university professor and the 17th Surgeon General of the United States. I also served my community in law enforcement, serving Pima County as a SWAT team leader, homicide detective and deputy sheriff.

I’m running for the United States Senate because I fear the infrastructure of opportunity that allowed me to live the American Dream is in danger. I fear that a poor kid today won’t get the same opportunities I did.

I’ve worked very hard to get where I am. And what makes this country great is that I know there are millions of other Americans who will work just as hard if given the chance. That’s all any American asks for or needs, an opportunity.

For Congress to spend four years on distractions and partisan attacks instead of focusing on fostering opportunities for Americans to succeed on their own is an embarrassment. We can do better.


ALLAN SIMS 4 years, 5 months ago

Well, he said a lot, but what did he say?

I disagree that our congress has failed us. In large part, they have done exactly what we sent them there to do. The liberals are promoting their agenda, which they were elected to pursue. The conservatives are doing the same for their side. So, the failure is not in the congress. The failure is a nation divided. The failure is the loss of vision of what made our country great. And that is personal initiative, without gov’t restraint.

We have this concept that ‘Gee, we all ought to get along and meet in the middle’. We have met in the middle until we are not the nation we were. We meet half way, and then the liberals take a step further to the left and demand we meet them halfway again. So, in baby steps they’ve led us to the precipice. We are teetering on the brink, and have nothing to hang onto, other than our grit and determination. Will we fall? Probably, for the weight we struggle under has us unbalanced, and the coyotes nip at our heels, dividing us further. How then can we stand?

We are strangled by tens of thousands of compromises that have left us with an unmitigated mess of laws that go at cross purposes until even the IRS can’t keep its own regulations straight, and we have gov’t telling us what potties to sit on, and what lights to burn.

This is not a time for further compromise. It is a time to dig our heels in, and fight for what we have left, and to fight harder to regain what we’ve lost. I despise some republican stances, but I understand that we, by default, are relegated to a two party system. And, the republican stance, as wormy as it is, is exceedingly better than the liberal slide to communism.

To vote independent, as I presume this fellow is saying he is, is to toss your vote away. Independents see it as being able to influence elections, and right they are. But, look what they’ve become. A group of people who blow in the wind. Swayed by this TV ad, or that ‘sudden revelation’ published by news media with agendas that twist independents into a seething mass of fools. (Now, I know some very ‘smart’ independents, and this fellow is maybe one of them, but smart people can do some really dumb things, at times, like now.) To sway with every wind is not 'independent', nor is it smart. It simply becomes mob rule, for the one that is slickest in misleading gullible people gains all those 'smart' votes, resulting in mob rule, to the eternal regret of the minority and even those who voted for it.

Our duty is clear. Either defend the constitution, or succumb to a dictatorial socialism (A National Socialism) as seen in Germany in the 30’s. To vote independent is to declare that your constitution doesn’t mean much to you, since you would gladly compromise it away to just have a little peace, and a perception that congress is really getting along.


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