Gould’S Campaign Literature Wrong



I have been bombarded with negative ads from Congressman Gosar’s opponent, Ron Gould, stating that Congressman Gosar has voted to fund ACORN, voted for Obamacare, voted to increase the debt, etc. Well let’s look at the facts.

Gosar voted to increase the debt because Obama’s administration had already put plans in effect to terminate the pay for our military personnel and their dependents once the government was shut down. By cutting off the pay for our soldiers and their family members Obama’s administration was planning to use our overworked and underpaid military personnel as pawns for his re-election campaign. Gosar’s vote kept our soldiers paid so that they didn’t have to worry about pay while they are overseas and in harm’s way fighting our wars. If the government had been shut down, all other federal employees, minus the military, would have been paid via holiday pay until the funding was approved. This would have cost us the taxpayers an additional estimated $1.3 trillion interest on our national debt because the government would have had to borrow more money to pay those federal employees. In addition Social Security and Medicare would not have been funded or paid to seniors. Because of Gosar’s vote the Obama administration could not use the shutdown of the government for re-election purposes. Remember, government shutdown got Bill Clinton re-elected to a second term.

Congressman Gosar’s vote did get the taxpayers a $2.3 trillion cut in spending over 10 years.

Lets talk about ACORN and Obamacare. ACORN was out of business, gone, disbanded, kaput well prior to Congressman Gosar’s oath of office. It is impossible to cast a vote to fund something that no longer exists!

Congressman Gosar’s voted 31 items to repeal Obamacare and because of his medical background, he has taken a leadership position in developing an alternative to Obamacare.

As a freshman in Congress, Gosar got a bill passed through Congress that will open a copper mine and bring in over $1 billion in revenue yearly and over 3,700 new jobs for Arizonans. Desperately needed revenue and jobs for Arizona and one of only a handful of freshmen congressman to get a bill out of committee and passed!

Congressman Gosar’s actions and votes have served our district and state as a statesman not a politician.

Character and integrity count in the person we send to Congress. Misinformation and doctored photos on campaign fliers are just an example of a lack of knowledge, integrity and character on the part of the sender.

Remember, knowledge and character counts and that’s why I’m voting to re-elect Dr. Paul Gosar to Congress.

Tom Spencer


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