Independents Can Help Arizona



With the recent surge in Independent voter registrations in Gila County, I’ve become cautiously optimistic that our county can help steer our Legislature toward a more moderate and progressive posture in the next legislative session.

Since both Democrats and Republicans usually only vote for members of their own party, Independent voters have a chance to nudge the far right and far left toward the middle via voting for the candidate rather than the party that the candidate represents. Make no mistake, we have sent senators and representatives to Phoenix that have not assisted our state in moving forward in a positive manner. State militia initiatives, birther ideas, and even attempts to take over federal land and responsibilities are just some of the zany ideas perpetrated by lawmakers representing Gila County.

Independent voters would be wise this primary season and in the general election to realize that moderation in Arizona politics is a positive thing and that the monopoly that one political party has had and continues to have in Arizona has not served us well.

Richard K. Meszar


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