Rational Debate On Gun Control Elusive



In a recently published letter to the editor, the writer claimed that if Gabby Gifford and her entourage had been armed, they would never have been attacked. His premise was that no gunman would dare attack anyone armed for fear of retaliation. Continuing with this premise, the children at Columbine School should have been armed and the people in the movie theater in Aurora should have been armed. Just today, Sunday, Aug. 5, there is a report that a Sikh temple in Wisconsin has come under attack by gunmen who shot and killed many people. If they had all been armed, the letter writer would say, they would never have suffered such a fate.

The sadly misled letter writer operates under the illusion that perfectly sane and rational individuals perform these and other shootings and would be deterred by armed targets. It is the painfully skewed rationale of the National Rifle Association, which continues to be under the paranoid conclusion that the government is determined to take away all their firearms ... Their answer to insist that everyone be armed. Here in Arizona, in particular, this kind of thinking prevails. Other states have a state bird or flower, Arizona has a state gun.

Most people would agree that complete gun control is unattainable and would probably have little, if any, effect in limiting crime anyway. That reasoning contains an understanding that crimes are committed by bad people intent on achieving their bad goals with whatever tool they find effective. We don’t blame the automobile when, under the influence of a drunk driver, it is involved in a terrible crash. Neither should we blame guns and not shooters. And that’s the whole point. Petulant claims and arguments on both sides of the “gun control” issue only continue to prevent a rational discussion on any possible means to at least address the issue with some hope at improvement.

Your letter writer apparently fails to understand the real problem and would only exacerbate the situation by insisting that everyone carry guns. Less guns may not solve the problem, but more guns definitely would not.

Holli and Noble Collins


ALLAN SIMS 4 years, 5 months ago

Well, that’s one opinion. If there had been ‘some’ armed members of those victims, I suggest the attackers would have been thwarted in their attempts. The one fellow having body armor would have complicated that, but still with rounds hitting him, he would have been stunned to the point he could have been overpowered.

I don’t see forcing people to go armed. But, an armed citizenry is the only effective deterrent. One nut starts something like this, and because of all the hub-hub it strokes whatever warped desires the copycats have. But, if the news reacted by publicizing the armed defenders' success, even the sickest nuts would get the notion that they might try a different method to get their warped ideas out.

These folks are suggesting a middle of the road in gun control. It doesn’t work. Either we are free under the 2nd amendment or we are not. Anything short of that leads to what we are resisting now. Thank goodness that Arizona has decent gun laws.


don evans 4 years, 5 months ago

I have noticed a constant theme in letters and blog postings of Mr. Collins. They continualy tack to the "left" of the topic at hand. The typical liberal socialist Rose Colored Glasses approach while claiming a so called rational path to a suggested solution. Sorry, ain't buying it. Your outed and standing under a bright light. You plainly state the original letter writer fails to understand the real problem. In other words, just another uneducated gun nut hick. Your, we are the world ideology knows what's really best. Arrogant at the least, and agenda driven for sure.


Pat Randall 4 years, 5 months ago

National Rifle Assc. gets a bad rap every time a gun is fired. My husband was a lifetime member. They are not a group of gun nuts that want everyone to walk around carrying a gun. Most are very responsible people, but like any other group there are probably a few crazies among them. That doesn't make them all bad or want everyone to be armed. I would bet most if not all of the people mentioned that have gone on shooting rampages probably have never heard of the NRA.


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