Tired Of Shiny Catch Phrases Distracting From Real Issues



I have heard Darrell Stubbs speak at several meetings that he is running for Gila County sheriff on a platform of:

“As the county’s top law enforcement official, I will take back our county!” Well, I’ve been voting in Gila County for 60 years and while I have heard this expressed through the years by many want-to-be politicians, I’ve never known whom or what they were taking the county back from. If he means the people, we’re the people — and we pay the freight!

If he means the land, of the 96 percent of our county that is not private land, 45 percent is Indian Reservation and 55 percent is Forest Service. Having not taken it back from either agency so far in my lifetime, I don’t have much faith in it happening now either. Does Darrell HOPE it will be different this time, or is it just a shiny catch phrase to distract us from the real issues?

He is also claiming he will make all kinds of changes in the sheriff’s office, but while he is quick to talk about CHANGE he, at least in public, has not talked about the who, what, where, why or when. This leaves me wondering, again, if he has a plan or is just using another shiny catch phrase to distract us from the real issues.

For me, the real issues are twofold. The first is your and my safety and security and I hate turning that over to someone who it appears never made it past the entry level of deputy in his 30 years of law enforcement.

Second, in Gila County the sheriff single-handedly spends one-third of the tax dollars you and I give the county to run the county. When asked about this, Darrell claims in public that he can’t even balance his checkbook and will have to hire someone to do his budgeting and balancing. What?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of inexperienced politicians running on HOPE and CHANGE and shiny catch phrases that distract us from the real issues.

I just got Adam Shepherd’s brochure in the mail and it compelled me to write this note. If you haven’t read it, you need to. Finally, a sheriff’s candidate worth getting behind — and one from Payson to boot! I’ll be supporting Adam and hope you will be too.

Pat Cline


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