Glass Recycling Bin Needed



I have been a resident of Payson since 1995. When I first came to town from San Diego, I was quite dismayed at the lack of recycling opportunities in our town.

I finally found a recycle-friendly place, Waste Management (WM), a couple of years ago and was so happy not to have to drive to the Valley with all of my empty “propel” bottles!

Recently I started to drink organic ice tea, which comes in glass bottles. I brought a sack of empties to WM lot today, but there was no container for them.

A woman who worked there asked if she could assist me. She said that in order to recycle glass, it has to be separated into its various colors, and their company does not have the manpower to do that. She said the only place to discuss the issue would be the Town, but they do not recycle glass either.

So I left with my bottles of glass, wondering how, who, when and what is the next step for our beautiful town to get with the go green program with regard to recycling glass?

Donna Steckal


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