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I am responding to Evelyn Wilkerson’s letter to the editor in the Tuesday, July 31 Payson Roundup in which she states that the “Tea Party president should keep personal opinions to self.”

In my letter to the editor I never stated that I was the president of the Payson Tea Party or acting on its behalf. In fact it was, and still is, my personal opinion. In all fairness we should disclose the fact that Evelyn Wilkerson is sheriff candidate Adam Shepherd’s “aunt” and therefore has a very personal vested interest in getting her nephew elected. However, if we look at the facts we will find that Adam Shepherd was asked by Sheriff Armer to run for sheriff as a Republican because Republicans now outnumber Democrats in Gila County. This would assure both Sheriff Armer and the Gila County Democrat leadership that the office of sheriff stay in (the) Democrats’ control. And that control is why Sheriff Armer and all the top Democrat leadership in Gila County are funding and supporting Adam Shepherd.

Darrell Stubbs has stated that he would do an audit of the sheriff’s department upon assuming the position of sheriff. Adam Shepherd thinks that things are just fine, no audit necessary.

Darrell Stubbs has stated in open meetings that he wants to find out why our sheriff’s boats are being sent to a sheriff’s relatives repair business in Maricopa, rather than keeping that business and that revenue locally in Gila County.

Also, Darrell Stubbs has stated that he would terminate a contract worker who is now being paid around $4,000 per month to train a replacement while they also receive their newly penned retirement pay. Adam Shepherd is in favor of this contract worker. Sounds like maybe a good old boy governmental cronyism payoff from the sheriff’s department at the taxpayers’ expense.

Reasonable logic and leadership demands that this position be trained and staffed prior to the incumbent’s retirement. Darrell Stubbs will bring that logic and leadership into the sheriff’s office.

Evelyn says that Adam should take campaign money from anyone and everyone and say thank you. I believe that actions speak volumes over words and we have all heard of candidates for “higher office” refuse campaign funding when it offers the appearance of impropriety.

She also stated that “As president of the Payson Tea Party he has a responsibility to keep his personal opinions to himself.” I say that generations of Americans have fought and shed blood on foreign lands, including me, for the rights of others to express personal opinions openly and freely without fear of reprisal. As an American I do have the right to express my personal opinions to the Payson Roundup as they are my personal opinions garnered from meetings, various publications and personal contact with candidates.

Adam Shepherd is what I will call a “DID” which simply means to me that after over 20 years as a Democrat, Adam Shepherd is now a “Democrat In Disguise” running as a Republican at the request, support and funding of the highest levels of the Democrat party in Gila County.

You are right when you state that I do vote and support the person, not any one single party and I am pleased to state that I support both Ronnie McDaniel, Democrat, for Gila County supervisor because, in my opinion, he along with Republican sheriff candidate Darrell Stubbs are the best candidates to serve all of Gila County.

Jim Muhr


Pat Randall 4 years, 5 months ago

The following is my personal opinion. When will Stubbs have time to do an audit or did he mean he was going to hire some one? That should cost the taxpayers a nice chunk. What would he do if something was found wrong? He is never going to sleep if elected and does all he says he is going to do. Has he mentioned what he will do about the drug problems, especially in the Tonto Basin area where he has been for quite a long time as a deputy off and on? How many arrests did he make when he was an undercover officer? Didn't Stubbs change from one party to another to run for sheriff? Maybe it is cheaper to have the boats repaired in Maricopa, or is that a concept Mr, Stubbs would not understand? Maybe the repairs should go out to bid.


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