Wondering Why Republicans Are So Devoted



I have been sincerely asking acquaintances who happen to be a party to the Republicans, what makes them so devoted to their cause? The only answer they seem able to come up with is how high the inheritance tax will be if that dreaded socialist Obama wins in 2012.

Right here in Payson, I personally have watched several wealthy families, push their children out into a low income, trailer trash environment, so they can qualify for welfare, medical care and food stamps. Whereby, their conservative old money is never at risk. I am not in the least jealous of the rich, throughout their limited lives they have missed so much.

What is most disturbing to me is their angry old men attitude at the Democrats. If they want to take and take from our social programs designed for the truly poor and handicapped, which includes earned unemployment insurance for the forest firefighters when the woods are closed off during the winter months. But they refuse to help us vote in favor of even the bare bones education, health and welfare issues.

Jerry Phipps


ALLAN SIMS 4 years, 5 months ago

You’ve got to be kidding! If you aren’t, you need to get out more. Why not go to a Republican meeting and see what they talk about? Why not go to a Tea Party Rally? I think the answer is that this is a strawman argument of the worst kind. I’ve noticed when ‘liberals’ aka socialist/communists don’t have a valid argument for their point of view, they invent one, making it a strawman argument. Obama did that with his ‘War on Women’ accusation against Romney. It was a non-issue, and blew up in his face, because folks didn’t buy it.

For others who read this, republicans want less gov’t intrusion into their lives. We resent the class warfare liberals present in their diatribes vis-à-vis ‘How the rich murder the poor by not paying their ‘fair share’ for healthcare’, turning blacks against whites when that has been settled 50 years ago and etc, etc, etc. We want our rights defended, and those of our state governments. We want the border closed to all except legal immigrants. We want a strong national defense predicated on strength of nuclear arms, as well as good ships, planes missiles, tanks and people. We want judges impeached that misinterpret the Constitution. We want the tens of thousands of laws reduced to those that further our country instead of strangling it. You get the idea.

This article demonstrates how liberals operate. No matter how ridiculous the comment, just put it out there. Some only see the headline, and it sticks. That is the apparent liberal goal. Also, as a group, they readily adopt the Joseph Goebbels' (Hitler's Minister of Information) theory of “Tell a lie long enough and the people will eventually believe it.” Who has ever seen “ several wealthy families, push their children out into a low income, trailer trash environment, so they can qualify for welfare, medical care and food stamps”? If that had happened, in quantity, it would on the national news, night after night. With their 'liberal' slant, they'd milk it to the hilt.

Yeah, tell us another one.


don evans 4 years, 5 months ago

Hey Phipps, as part of the 50% who actually pay income taxes, and not on some Govt. dole program, I authorize you to assume my income tax obligation to the Fed's so as to assuage your social justice guilt complex. Or, just take in your home a homeless person (ex. A bum) and fund all their needs and desires. I doubt you'll do either.


Kim Chittick 4 years, 5 months ago

I almost split a gut laughing at this letter Mr. Phipps! Thanks for a truly hearty laugh! As for "personally" watching several wealthy Payson families...protecting their conservative old money...HA!! You make it sound like Victorian England! I really like Mr. Evans' suggestion for you. Take someone needy in. Fund their life. Pay for all of their needs to include lodging, clothing, food, medical care, transportation, oh and make sure to allow an allowance for recreation. Do all of this while they are spending their days watching television (on your couch) or trolling the internet, (yup, again on your dime) and let's see how long your liberal attitude lasts. One question Mr. Phipps...Why are you such a devoted Democrat?


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