A Harvest Of Hope


Easy enough to despair. Easy enough to shrug. Easy enough to give up the fight. What can one person do — with the tide rushing out and the storm drawing nigh?

As the politicians squabble, shelves at the food bank empty out and our neighbors grow silent and hungry. What can a person do against such woe but bend down low against the fury of the storm?

Well, you can plant a seed — and see what grows.

That’s precisely what folks in Payson did this spring, faced with stubborn unemployment, relentless hunger and the rising tide of poverty and struggle for all too many Rim Country families.



So these greathearted souls turned to the soil. They planted a community garden for this tiny community.

The sun shone, the irrigation tubes sputtered, the volunteers bent their backs — and the blessings grew, row by row, ear by ear, bushel by basket.

Now comes the harvest, the glad bounty. The community gardeners have already donated to food banks thousands of pounds of food, helping to fill the empty shelves.

And still the sun falls down on the rich and the poor, the generous and the desperate, the willing and the worn. Still the squash turns yellow, the melons grow sweet, the corn puts forth its tassels. Still the human heart grows, like vines in the sunlight.

We live now in a blessed place.

Not for the summer sun, nor the gurgle of the river, nor the rustle of the cottonwood leaves — but for the great hearts of the people here, who plant gardens for their neighbors and dig barehanded in the rich soil of compassion.

What can one person do?

An easy question after all: Plant a seed. Let it grow.


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