Know Your Candidates



I was so happy to read the letter to the editor by Cliff Potts in Tuesday’s Roundup. He is absolutely right. It is critical that we vote in all levels of this election as informed voters. On June 21 I attended a Payson Tea Party meeting where Hallie Overman-Jackman was one of the featured speakers.

Hallie is a candidate for Gila County Supervisor District 1. I had read the Roundup’s responses to a series of questions posed to both candidates only a few weeks prior. One candidate focused on the issues involving the forest and the use of government lands. Impressive. Then I read Ms Jackman’s response. Although much shorter (refreshing for any politician) they seemed to focus on the immediate detail of the county offices and the issues that affect me directly and my taxpayer dollars.

When I read that she was going to speak at the local organization’s meeting, I had to go because I wanted to hear more. I truly wasn’t disappointed. She knows issues that, to my knowledge, haven’t been openly discussed before and she had reasonable responses as to how to overcome them. She fielded all of our questions with ease and has really done her homework. Her knowledge of engineering plans, contract agreements and building issues came shining through when she spoke in depth on issues such as the failed elements of construction on the new women’s jail project and its cost to us taxpayers!

Apparently Hallie won’t be on the primary ballot as she is a registered Independent candidate, so please, take whatever opportunity you can to listen to what she has to say before the election on Nov. 6. I think you’ll be sharply surprised and think twice about voting for anyone but her. This election is a race for our survival as a county and the use of our taxpayer dollars. I don’t know what district Mr. Potts lives in, but I hope he will take advantage of any opportunity to listen to Hallie speak and suggest that anyone in District 1 do the same.

Thank you Hallie for taking on this challenge for us!

Ron and Patty Russell


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