Missing The Point



Jim Muhr is at it again. He doesn’t get the point of my letter printed in the Payson Roundup on July 31. I’ll repeat it here, but first I’d like to address some of the latest accusations from him printed on Aug. 10. Yes. I am Adam Shepherd’s aunt, and proud of it.

Mr. Muhr’s latest accusations are the same questions posed by Stubbs’ followers at pretty much every opportunity. Adam has answered them numerous times, yet these people just keep asking them.

Adam supports contract work because it saves the county money, while allowing the county to have expert workers for specific purposes. Adam has refused throughout his campaign to talk about any specific contract. If Mr. Muhr thinks Adam supports a specific contract, he’s either not listening, or refusing to hear.

Stubbs plans to have an audit of the sheriff’s office if he is elected. Good. I feel certain whoever is elected will do the same since annual audits are required by law.

Changing from Democrat to Republican? I’m really getting tired of this non-issue. Yes, Sheriff Armer has contributed to Adam’s campaign, but “Democrat leadership supports Adam to retain control” looks like unabated conspiracy theory.

Yes, we all have the right to hold personal opinions. Sharing those opinions requires judgment concerning appropriate recipients and venues. Bottom line: The Payson Tea Party has a policy of not endorsing any candidate until the conclusion of the primary. As president of the Tea Party, he has a responsibility to uphold the principles of that organization. Since he apparently can’t control himself in this regard, he stands as an EID (Endorser in Disguise). He thinks his disguise is working because he didn’t tell you his title. Yet in his latest letter he made two endorsements. He just doesn’t get it.

Evelyn Wilkerson


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