What Kind Of Taxes, Mr. Romney?



“I’ve paid lots of taxes, plenty of taxes,” or something very similar has been a news clip from Mr. Romney. I’ve listened carefully and I haven’t heard this applied to INCOME taxes.

I can imagine this extremely wealthy man pays plenty of SALES tax. Like when he buys new cars, new horses, new boats and even groceries and “hardware” stuff.

Listen for yourselves to learn if he is helping reduce our nation’s deficit, support our military, etc., by paying a fair share of income taxes.

Ed Blair


ALLAN SIMS 4 years, 5 months ago

Mr. Blair, how do you define “a fair share of income tax”? Why should a tank at an Army base be paid for by him more than the rest of us? Doesn’t it defend you the same as me, and also Mr. Romney?

How many airplanes does he need to buy, before you’re happy? How many miles of roads does he have to pay for, before you like him, if you ever would?

Your whole premise is wrong. Who appointed you or anyone else the one to decide these questions? Who appointed Obama? He isn’t the decider of that. The Constitution clearly says that the taxes should be proportional, not staggered towards dividing us into ‘them’ vs. ‘us’ camps. We have the highest tax rates in the world. The answer is to quit spending so much.

Don’t you realize that over 100 million of us (Far more than one in every four) receive some stipend from the gov’t? Why should that be? Are their legs broke? By and large, no. Do we have that many invalids?

So, if we taxed Romney and the one percenters, it would not raise one tenth of the shortfall from supplementing their livelihoods. After that, do we go for the five percenters? What are you going to say when the ragged are in the streets wanting your ‘fair share’?

People who can’t see past the end of their nose get bent out of shape over someone else’s ‘fair share’ when they can’t even define what they want those folks to pay. Pretty dumb.


don evans 4 years, 5 months ago

I authorize you, Ed Blair, to pay my designated fair share in tax. Your worried about Romney tax returns? How about the 16 TRILLION Dollar deficit that Obama has done nothing about. Or, the 700 Million dollars he and his ilk have cut from YOUR medicare benefits? I can't hear you????


Dan Haapala 4 years, 5 months ago

Ed. my friend, this may not have been the right comment to respond to. I know you are a retired pastor, minister, or something of the ilk. (I"m not being disrepectful, just don't know the details) Can you tell us if your non profit Church paid taxes? Did you pay income taxes on the salary that was derived from the money from non profit donations to your church?

If the answer is yes than I have been misinformed. Please do not be upset by my question, You see I don't think the tax system is fair to anyone and I believe far too many are receiving without paying and still the problem is not how much money the Feds take in.

We shouldn't be talking about who is paying what. We should be talking about who is spending what. Right now the Government does not have an income problem, it has a spending problem. It needs to be fixed.


Judith Hunter 4 years, 5 months ago

 I think some have misunderstood Mr. Blair's point.  He only wants to know if Romney paid income tax.  Why is that a question that deserves such vitriol?  If Romney did not pay income tax because he used various legal loopholes, then that would make the case for a fairer tax code.     
 Our tax code has always been progressive, meaning that the more you make the higher percentage you pay in taxes.
 If Romney hid his money in off shore accounts to avoid paying taxes, I think we should know that. 
 I agree we should talk about who is spending what, but the supply side cannot be ignored.  There are two sides to the ledger.....money in and money out.   Both sides deserve attention.
 For my part, I want my tax money spent on healthcare not wars.

ALLAN SIMS 4 years, 5 months ago

Dear Ms. Hunter

What possible difference could it make whether or not he paid income tax? Don’t you realize that under our current tax laws, there are legal provisions for individuals to take tax credits and deductions (Some may be considered ‘Tax Shelters’ that are legally devised methods of ‘sheltering’ income from tax status? Or, to provide deductions to offset such.)

It is highly conceivable that Mr. Romney, while making money, did it in a way that doesn’t result in taxable income. I don’t know that. Maybe he made a pot load. I hope he did. Because that means that the people who work for him, made a good living making him money.

As for the tax code being progressive, you’re right, and it is expressly against the desires of the framers of the constitution. A progressive tax provides a means of the gov’t to beat you over the head, and single you out as one to answer more strenuously to the gov’t than others. Why do we allow that? As I mentioned above, does your defense cost any less than his? No. Therefore, why should he pay more?

If he is smart enough to move money offshore then more power to him. And, why should you know about that? What business is it of yours? Or, Mr. Blairs? It is his private money, is it not? I promise you the IRS knows where every dollar of his went, and if he was avoiding paying his taxes, his 'fair share' under the rules of our laws, then you can bet some hotshot IRS agent would grab it.

Why should we raise taxes to cover the idiocy of runaway spending? Get the spending down where it should be, and then let’s talk about do we have enough.


Judith Hunter 4 years, 5 months ago

I personally want to know, as if he is sincere about decreasing the debt, he should be contributing to its shrinkage. That is me, and I am entitled to my opinion, as you are yours.


don evans 4 years, 5 months ago

Just FYI... It is estimated that $14 TRILLION USA dollars are are banked in off shore foreign banks. Why you say??? Because the US Corporate Tax rates are some of the highest and most punitive in the world. Now just think, our Government deficit is $16 TRILLION. What if our tax code was changed, the opressive corporate tax rates were reduced, and a one time AMNESTY was granted (no taxation) to have all the companys return that money and bank it back in the USA. Watch a million new jobs be created, no more job outsourceing to foreign country's, an infusion of millions of dollars of investment into our economy. A huge reduction in our debt obligation, medicare saved. If you just increase the tax rates on the top 1% income earners, it won't make a dent in our debt.


ALLAN SIMS 4 years, 5 months ago

Surely, Ms. Hunter, you are entitled to your opinion. No question. I encourage you to express it.

Do you think that he has somehow contributed less money than you? I suspect you have a fuzzy figure in mind, of some millions he should be contributing to reduce our debt. If he contributed less than you or I, would that upset you? Probably. Because you apparently see no evil in the idea that a man with more income should pay more than you do.
Other than the fact that, years ago, people voted themselves the money of those they envied, what justifies that? If you or Mr. Romney went into a car dealership and bought the exact same model of vehicle, with nothing but the VIN# different, should he pay more than you? I think you would say no to that. (Presumptive, I know.) Why would taxes for services rendered be different? As I said, the peers of his predecessors got together and decided that just because they were rich, they should pay more. My, what happened to the idea of minority rights in America?

We have affirmative action to be sure that Blacks, Asians and ‘Other’ so called disadvantaged people get hired over and above some red neck (Even if more qualified), yet, we slip along like thieves and slice the bottom of the rich man’s pocket to let his wealth dribble into our hands. But, even worse now, we want more. We want the largest % of it. Soon, we’ll want it all.

Read Mr. Evans’ excellent history lesson above. We’ve been this route before, and it never works. The danger is that we might not stop this time, as we did before. Then, some nice lady would be wondering where you hid your money, and declare that regardless of your view of what you paid being enough, they would vote your money to themselves, just because they had the political power to do it.

Also, think about your terminology. “decreasing the debt”. Do you think that any amount of money, ripped from the pockets of the ‘rich’, would ever decrease the debt, even if there was enough of it to go around? (According to Mr. Evans, above, that would be a resounding “No” as I, myself, have found by research.) Why, those democratic spendthrifts would immediately see the availability of funds newly arrived from the hostage donors and break their necks to come up with more programs to spend it on. Am I wrong in that? Take care.


John Lemon 4 years, 5 months ago

Folks, the discussion about Romney's tax payments is a Red Herring and ought to dropped by everyone unless he committed an error or committed a crime. First, does anyone believe that the IRS has not checked his returns? If there were errors, would the IRS give him a pass? Second, most all of Romney's income was from investments. The tax rate on such earnings are around 14 % ( the exact amount escapes me). Third, if Romney paid the appropriate, scheduled amount of taxes why should we complain? If you, I or anyone paid what was legally proper and it was fairly low amount, it is the fault of the tax codes. Did Obama not control both houses of Congress for several years? Why did they not attempt to change the codes if they are so onerous. Again I say that this is a Red Herring and unless proof is presented that Romney erred, place this topic in the catagory of ridiculous.


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