Wish Payson Eateries Wouldn’T Use Cheap Chinese Utensils



My wife and I had breakfast this morning at one of the older established restaurants in Payson. I ordered pancakes, which were delicious, but the silverware, made in China, was quite distracting. The fork tines were bent and the handles were so thin that my wife and I felt like we could cut ourselves on them, even though they weren’t much good for cutting pancakes. The uneven tines made scooping up the syrup-laden pancakes difficult as well.

As I struggled, I realized that almost every eatery in Payson, and the rest of the country, is now using these cheap Chinese utensils and it detracts from the dining experience. By the way, they’re not much good for cutting enchiladas either.

This distraction with utensils, something that I had never even given a second thought to until a year so ago, also caused me to consider if the metals in these forks, spoons and knives are toxic.

I went online to see if the FDA tests such things and found nothing. This led me to wonder — could there be lead, mercury or who knows what in these things? A lot of China’s metal comes from dismantling old cargo ships and tankers that carried who knows what.

In light of the preceding, I am asking those of you who enjoy dining out to join me in asking the restaurant owners to reconsider their choice of silverware ... made in U.S.A. would be nice.

Ted Paulk


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