Barton And Crandell Voted For Unfunded Mandate



This responds to your story about the unfunded mandate forced on Payson by the Arizona Legislature that requires the city to increase benefits for police officers. I support increased benefits for all city workers, including the police force, but object strongly to the state Legislature making that decision for us down in Phoenix.

Folks in Payson should know that Representatives Brenda Barton and Chester Crandell, who caused such a stir with their radical speeches about seceding from the union last week, both voted in favor of the unfunded mandate that forced the city council to vote as it did. Barton and Crandell both voted to push the state’s responsibilities onto the cities. They both voted to allow the state to dictate to Payson how it should spend sales tax dollars it collects from city residents.

For all their talk about liberty, they sure don’t seem to have any problem infringing on the freedom of Payson’s locally elected officials to decide how the city’s tax dollars should be spent.

Barton and Crandell are both running for another term. The voters in Payson should consider this when they decide whether Barton and Crandell are the kind of legislators they want to send back to Phoenix.

Zach Duran


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