Murky Thinking



I am not acquainted with anyone with the name Holli. The name was somehow added to mine in error on my letter to the editor. With regard to that letter, however, a Mr. Cline has responded with the same murky thinking which continues to hinder any substantial effort at understanding, much less preventing mass slayings. Rather than engage in reasonable discussion, Mr. Cline makes claims which cannot be substantiated and assumptions which only he can believe.

The kind of individual who carries out these atrocities has no fear of personal harm or even death. Often, they commit suicide after they accomplish their terrible acts. They operate by ambush, in sneak attacks with no warning, hoping to cause as much harm as possible before retaliation is possible.

Mr. Cline does not say how he would go about arming everyone in any possible scenario which might seem vulnerable to attack. In fact, it is the least suspicious places and situations which seem to have been targets in the past. Perhaps he contemplates making it a law forcing everyone to own, carry and display guns — sort of a reverse NRA proposal. America the armed camp.

President Kennedy was surrounded by dozens of armed and well trained Secret Service agents when he was assassinated. The federal building in Oklahoma City was home to an office of the bureau of alcohol and firearms among other law enforcement offices, but that didn’t stop Timothy McVeigh from blowing up the building which also contained a baby nursery. We might also recall that Jesse James was wearing his Colt 45 when he was shot from behind.

Guns don’t stop deranged minds from carrying out deranged acts. They are an afterthought, not a preventative.

Insisting on the universal arming of America is a seriously flawed concept. Not only is it impossible on its face, it glorifies the use of firearms as an easy solution to a very complex problem. It substitutes murky thinking in place of rationality. You start working on a solution by first discarding obvious problems.

Noble Collins


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