Shepherd For Sheriff



The tremendous amount of political activity in play for the Aug. 28 primary election is exciting and is a portent of the importance of this upcoming election. It’s good to see the energetic and boastful campaigns that are under way.

I don’t think it helps much when one campaign tells stories about the other campaign, instead of talking about why their candidate will serve us better. It now makes it so important for reasonable people to look beyond the campaign noise and look at the candidates themselves.

Probably the most high profile Gila County race is for sheriff and it seems to be the noisiest. One good thing that I can rely on is that I have known Adam Shepherd for more than 30 years. When Adam worked at the Shepherd Brother’s Station where they later built the Woody’s station, I used to complain about the high gas prices in Payson when we had to pay 75.9 cents a gallon. Adam was kind to a fault, yet he still did his job.

When he went to work as a deputy, he was fair and helpful. As a deputy, when he pulled me over for a burned out headlight, he kindly held his flashlight for me, while I changed it out. He’s ethical and has always been a good law enforcement officer and I’m convinced he will make a good sheriff. He worked his way up through the ranks at the county to be the undersheriff. As a result he knows how the department works. Adam’s part in the annual audits of the sheriff’s department have been above reproach. Most importantly for us in Rim Country, after serving in this area for most of his career, he knows our law enforcement needs. I’m enthused that Adam is a fellow conservative.

I’ve been hearing criticism of candidate Shepherd because of some Democrats supporting him, including his past superior officer, retiring Sheriff Armer. It seems that if you earn the respect of those in the opposing party that would be a good thing. Partisanship is intended to be good for our country, to help us make better voting choices, not to make us contentious enemies.

Be sure to make an informed vote on Aug. 28, it’s important!

Cliff Potts


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