Stubbs Right For Job



I have known Darrell Stubbs for more than 20 years, worked with him and beside him. For a period of years he worked for me, as I was his supervisor in the Narcotics Task Force. While Darrell reported to me he did his job, he was a team player, always willing to help and go beyond just what was required. He has always been loyal, dedicated and honest.

During these many years I have gotten to know Darrell, the person, way beyond and deeper than Darrell, the police officer. Darrell has great compassion for his fellow man. Darrell’s involvement with the community is admirable. Darrell has clear vision of his goals and the needs of others. Darrell has integrity — he looks you in the eye when you talk with him. Darrell has a good, firm handshake and I believe there are still those around who understand what that means.

It is silly season — election time where rumors run rampant and facts are few. Where the body politic is akin to statistical data you can bend it, break it, shape and mold it, make it mean anything you want.

It all depends on who has the power and who is supplying the data.

I believe Darrell Stubbs is the right man at the right time for the office of sheriff.

Steven O. Craig, captain,

Payson Police Department (retired)


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