What Is Obama Hiding?



For a president who states he wants “transparency” he doesn’t even know what the word means. He refuses to release his college papers from Columbia and Harvard (they are sealed). His thesis is sealed. His records during the time he was an attorney for ACORN are sealed. Even his Selective Service records are sealed. Where is the “transparency”?

Why did Obama stop the release of the papers regarding the Fast and Furious debacle? An American hero Border Patrol agent was killed by guns given to the Mexican drug cartels and we can’t even get the papers to find out who was responsible. Being the president of the United States he should be the first person that would want to find out the truth.

Kind of makes you wonder if he has something to hide. Why did he stop the papers from being released? Where is the “transparency”?

We know very little about this man. I hope people will start thinking if they really want four more years of not knowing what is going on in this country. It is time to vote this man out of office and get our country back.

Sarkis Mourandian


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