Women Might Find Solutions To Nation’S Myriad Of Problems



Females comprise approximately 50 percent of our population in Arizona. Yet, 100 percent of our congressional delegation that we send to Washington, D.C. is male. Why is this disparity so pronounced? When Ann Kirkpatrick lost her re-election bid in 2010 and Gabby Giffords decided to resign to tend to her health earlier this year, Arizona lost the two females we had representing us in our nation’s capital.

As a registered Independent voter, I don’t care if my elected officials are Democrats or Republicans, or conservatives or liberals, but I do want them to be intelligent, compassionate, capable of making compromises, and representative of Arizona’s population as a whole. The United States Congress currently is so dysfunctional that it could use an infusion of female intelligence to assist it in finding solutions to the myriad of problems we face rather than playing the “blame game.”

Independent voters in Arizona should give serious consideration to sending Ann Kirkpatrick and Krysten Sinema to Washington, D.C. to represent our interests. Many political observers would agree that the addition of these two lawmakers would better represent Arizona voters from a gender standpoint and perhaps an intelligence aspect as well in Washington, D.C.

Richard K. Meszar, Ed. D.


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