Beware Gila County Voters



Many years ago, I attended a class in American Government by Law. In the class we studied American Constitutional Law. At that time, some 40 years ago, the professor stated that in future elections the media would sway the voting public with negative advertising and biased commentary.

Media should be unbiased. Is that happening in Gila County?

For years I have witnessed many elections that have been determined by negative and biased reporting from national news media. I have noticed that this negative and biased reporting has now entered our local community and Gila County through a local media station.

Voters beware of this negativism when you go to the polls. Keep an open mind when voting for any candidate. Consider what is behind the negative comments and make your choice. Beware of half-truths and unreliable sources.

Ask these questions:

• Are the people who are reporting or commenting on candidates reliable?

• Is there personal agenda motivating the negative and biased opinions or reporting done by this local news media?

Let’s get the facts straight. Let’s challenge the media to report the whole truth in an unbiased fashion. Let’s start asking ourselves what is right about each candidate? What makes them the most qualified person for the job? Because as taxpayers, we are paying their salaries.

Let us make our own decision when voting and not be swayed by negative and biased reporting. Let’s focus on the positive, ignore the negative and life will be better for us all.

Beware of negative politics.

John Soderman

Miami, Ariz.


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