Flat Sales Tax Fair



The nonstop debate about who gets taxed what is a colossal waste of time. All we need to do is let everyone have their whole paycheck, then tax them 20 percent or whatever at the register. How much more fair could it possibly be to tax everyone exactly the same in this manner?

Now that is true equal protection under the law.

If you don’t like taxes, don’t buy stuff. With this being done we could disband the IRS or convert it into an agency that enforces tax collection at the register.

Our politicians could then spend their time figuring out how they want to spend those taxes rather than how to collect them. If they want to give money to the poor, then spend the taxes like that. If they want to use money to subsidize business, then spend money like that. If they want to subsidized health care or education they could do that.

Think of all the time our politicians who are running for office or in office spend talking about how we should tax people. Imagine taking that entire issue off the table and allowing them to focus on more important things like the administration of government.

Wouldn’t it be a much better use of our politicians’ time to figure out what we are going to do with our money, rather than wasting so much time debating about how we collect it?

Gary Austin


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