How Much Checking Did Darrell Stubbs Do?



Gila County sheriff candidate Darrell Stubbs ran a half-page campaign advertisement in the Payson Roundup and several other Gila County newspapers during the past week identifying the Southwest Border Sheriffs Association and Border Narcotics Intelligence as supporting and endorsing him for sheriff. His advertisement used pictures of badges and accompanying statements of the organizations and indicated that it was “Proudly Paid for by the Committee to Elect Darrell Stubbs.”

On Thursday, Aug. 16, The Arizona Republic ran a lengthy article exposing these two organizations as having the same director and no legitimate connection to any law enforcement organization. The Republic reported the Southwest Border Sheriffs “appears to be little more than a news aggregator.”

On Friday, Aug. 17 the Payson Roundup reported on page 12A it had immediately checked with Darrell Stubbs about The Arizona Republic article and he said “the group sought him out. When he met with leaders last week, he said they appeared credible.”

Appeared credible? Why would Darrell Stubbs run a half-page advertisement trumpeting said endorsements, prominently displaying the two organizations’ official-looking badges and supporting statements before checking to see if the organizations are legitimate?

Mr. Stubbs could have saved himself significant embarrassment with more careful checking. After all, due diligence and critical skepticism is the hallmark of a competent law enforcement officer.

Pat Melcher


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