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I was rather shocked at the letter from Dr. Phon Sutton. When he listed the four items that he thought seniors should be concerned about. I at first thought he was being facetious, because each of those items seemed to be very positive to me (and I am a senior).

However, when he mentioned the “undeserving” people possibly receiving those benefits, I began to fear that this was no joke.

I felt that his view was very arrogant and that he was assuming something not in evidence. Most of those people are just like me and most of my acquaintances — we are one job loss or one accident or one illness away from needing each of those benefits.

Perhaps Dr. Sutton is independently wealthy, super-humanly healthy and has no family or friends that might ever need help in the future with their health care. If so, he is very lucky and very unique.

I have to wonder — was Dr. Sutton a practicing doctor that took care of patients? If so, I hope that he limited his practice to the wealthy because I cannot imagine him showing compassion and empathy for those patients that actually had to deal with the truly tragic circumstances that can befall any of us. There, but for the grace of God, goes each of us.

I still hope that he was being facetious.

Wendy Trainor


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