Perfect Or Not



I am writing you in response to the front page article of the Roundup two weeks ago where all the sheriff candidates’ records and past performance while with the sheriff’s office were printed.

What really stands out is how one candidate had only gold stars. It seems to me as a voter in Gila County, that we need a sheriff that has tried something, done something, voiced an opinion, and even perhaps made an error or two along the way.

Darrell Stubbs is a self-starter, not a coaster or a yes man. He is a hands-on man. Being under the radar and low profile is not Darrell’s style.

If you as a voter never made a mistake and learned from it or never tried a different approach to an old problem, then you may not understand where I am coming from. But if you get it, then vote it — Darrell Stubbs for sheriff.

John O. Dryer


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