Several Candidates Have Changed Parties



In a running discussion in the Letters to the Editor section of the Roundup, there have been several letters relating to “Why is Adam Shepherd being trashed for changing from Democrat to Republican?”

I too, wonder why Adam Shepherd is the only target of this type of political attack.

Darrell Stubbs, his Republican opponent, ran, unsuccessfully, in the last election as a Democrat.

In addition, two organizations endorsing Stubbs are under investigation for violation of Arizona campaign-finance laws.

On a related note, Sadie Tomerlin, Republican candidate for county recorder, was appointed as a Democrat, and ran for election in 2008 as a Democrat. This is the first time she is running as a Republican. She changed party affiliation in 2010 to become a Republican.

Perhaps the Roundup should check the political registration history of all the candidates running for office and publish it before the election. The Roundup should ask each of the candidates the reason they chose their current party affiliation and publish that ASAP. Any candidate who chooses to not respond in time to meet the article deadline should be identified as having not responded.

Eric Randau


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