Shepherd A Highly Qualified Candidate For Sheriff



It is with great interest that I have been following the race for sheriff of Gila County and the letters to the media by supporters of various candidates.

Let it be noted that I have never been employed by Gila County, nor do I intend to be employed. My comments as a citizen are based on pure logic and reasoning, not on innuendos or biased criticism without factual basis.

A recent supporter of Mr. Stubbs in a negative light stated that Mr. Shepherd changed political parties. He failed to mention that Mr. Stubbs formerly was also a Democrat. Let me turn this into a positive note. The same liberty that allows an individual voter the choice of changing parties, also allows the candidates the same prerogative. This should not be held against Mr. Shepherd or Mr. Stubbs.

Assertions of lack of integrity within the present administration are purely subjective. Often the sources feel that they have been slighted because of something personal, like a reprimand or dismissal from employment. Our votes should not hinge on the opinions of people with personal agendas.

What should our votes be based on? Common sense, logic, reasoning, education and experience. If 20 years of patrol experience qualifies Mr. Stubbs for sheriff, then how much more is Adam Shepherd qualified with the following:

• 29 years in law enforcement

• 27 years at Gila Sheriff’s Office

• Graduate of NAU with a bachelor’s in public administration

• Graduate of N.W. University — police staff and command management

• Has been patrol, sergeant, lieutenant and undersheriff

The office of sheriff requires grant writing skills, as grants are highly competitive and are not given solely by application. Mr. Shepherd has a vast working knowledge in obtaining grants, which benefits Gila County. Mr. Shepherd also has the accounting expertise and experience working with a nearly $12 million budget.

Contrary to some opinions, pleasant demeanor or personality should be the least of our concerns. I have met Mr. Shepherd, and he displays a straightforward and eloquent spirit. In my opinion, Mr. Shepherd’s experience and education make him the highest qualified candidate.

I support Adam Shepherd for sheriff.

Bob Bracamonte


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