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I am weary of the volume of mailings, robo calls and television ads endorsing candidates in our primary election.

Particularly galling are the endorsement from Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain. Senator Kyl is retiring and his opinion didn’t much matter to me when he was actually one of our active senators. Senator McCain should retire as he’s been a bitter and crotchety old man since his presidential defeat in 2008. In other words, I don’t need or want to be persuaded to vote for a certain candidate by either of our two sitting United States Senators.

Sorry Kirk Adams, Ben Quayle, Jeff Flake, et al., I won’t be voting for you not simply because of the “annoyance factor,” but when you’re endorsed by the “old guard” it seems to signal business as usual in Washington, D.C. I’ll give other candidates a chance to end the bickering, gridlock and partisanship that’s so prevalent in our nation’s Capitol.

Also, I received a call from my “best friend” Pat Boone recently. He wanted me to vote for a candidate he probably doesn’t know, has never met, and couldn’t care less about! The quid pro quo for these annoying calls, mailings and TV ads will be that I’ll probably vote for the opposite candidate that these “experts” are endorsing.

Richard K. Meszar, Ed.D.


ALLAN SIMS 4 years, 4 months ago

Well Doc, I think we’re all weary of those things, but unlike your conclusions, we won’t toss our vote away, simply because we want to thumb our noses at those who frustrate us. Neither do I appreciate the “old guard” of Republicans, especially after they sacked the Tea Party folks yesterday. That was a most dirty and heinous trick, and politics at its worst.

However, we need to keep in mind that, as bothersome as it is, our political process (Until recently) has been the model of the world, and envied as such. Yes, it is a frustrating, lengthy process, and it would seem that we could find a better way. Yet, over 225 years of constitutional rule has proven it to have weathered the test of time, up until now, and no better has come to the fore.

At this point, it teeters on the brink of self-destruction. The alternative is a powerful central gov’t that is morphing (Before our eyes) into a nationalist socialist gov’t. (Think Nazi, for that is—as you know—an acronym for national socialism.) An abyss opens before us, and within is darkness, suffering and shame at having willfully given up such a great treasure. But, most choose not to see it. They are wrapped up in the selfishness of the very freedom our gov’t has provided for us since 1787. They prefer that everyone get along, that we not be bothered with the foolishness arguments of elections. We just want to be left alone in our little personal cocoons, with little interest in who guides our gov’t and changes it to affect every aspect of our lives. We choose to ignore what stares us in the face, saying ‘All that worry is over nothing, mere foolishness.’

It is perturbing to hear an educated person, who considers himself ‘Independent’ speak so blasé about tossing his vote to the wind. But, this seems to be the characteristic of most of those who call themselves ‘Independent’.

I don’t think folks like that are independent at all. Rather, they are led by a piped piper who mesmerizes them, to the point that every wind affects their willingness to vote for this or that, led by the subliminal ‘newscasts’ that orchestrates those winds. They are therefore putty in the hands of those who would make merchandise of them.

Look at the Tea Party. Though too mild for me, they are true independents. They ‘independently’ know what they want, and are going about the business of obtaining it. They understand that they have to tolerate the scum at the top to gain the freedoms already lost, and keep those they still have. They don’t sit on their backsides wanting ‘someone’ to drop the perfect message in their lap that will finally ‘show them the way’ to vote, with little or no thought as to the biased methods used to deliver it, whether or not it is true and without regard to what such a vote would do to the Republic that has kept us safe for 225+ years.


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