More Murky Thinking



Speaking of “murky thinking” (Roundup, Aug. 17), if “the kind of individual who carries out these atrocities has no fear of personal harm or even death,” as claimed by Noble Collins, why did the Aurora theater shooter prepare for his spree killing by spending over $2,000 for neck-to-ankle Kevlar armor, a Kevlar helmet, and a gas mask?

And speaking of “rational debate,” as originally demanded by Mr. Collins: the debate was about spree killings and maniacal massacres, and I provided a rational pro-gun argument. Mr. Collins responded with examples of cowardly single-victim assassinations and massacres by the use of explosives. That is a non sequitur — i.e., the argument doesn’t apply to the debate.

Somehow it seems those who want a “rational debate” on gun control always respond to rational argument with murky thinking of their own.

Donald L. Cline


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