Ryan’S Plan Throws Less Fortunate To The Wolves



How can the top 1 percent — billionaires — support Paul Ryan’s economic plans to throw those less fortunate to the wolves, take part in Block the Vote and still claim to be among God’s elite?

These same aliens, their spirits must be enemies from afar, or they would reach out to their friends across the aisle, to seek solutions, not to stir up more trouble. To plead with them let’s be fair is wasted breath? Please, let’s don’t give tax breaks for the rich at the expense of the low income workers. That is the problem, not the solution.

Why is it so impossible to believe God loves all of His different children. Look at all of the different colors He made. It’s pretty obvious He loves variety and we can’t see why He would object to the many names His Son is called, His mother called Him Joshua. We believe He even loves those who call Him Jesus.

Jack and Sarah Phipps


ALLAN SIMS 4 years, 4 months ago

Is this some form of maniacal rant? How do these people think Ryan’s plan throws anyone to the wolves? And what do they mean by “less fortunate”? The rant is against billionaires, therefore they claim that billionaires are throwing everyone under the bus. Rather a dumb rant, since most jobs in any ‘free’ country are a result of the rich creating them.

As far as “Block the Vote” is concerned, isn’t that a rank liberal concept that left wing groups like the NAACP and etc. have conceptualized to argue against voter ID and so forth? Has Ryan been active in that? I don’t know. If he has, I’d pat him on the back. You need an ID to get into the democratic convention, but you don’t need one to vote? That’s rather dumb and hypocritical.

Now, suddenly, these self-appointed paragons of what is right say that Americans (Just because they have more money) are now “aliens”. Where did that come from? Is there no depth they will not stoop to, to push their agenda? They want someone to reach across the aisle. Has Reid done that? He won’t even let things come to a vote, because he knows he’d lose, because even some in his own party want to reach across. There is no compromise from the dems. It is their way or the highway.

People like this have voted themselves the money of others. Theft by politics. They are the evidence that Franklin was right saying: “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” -Benjamin Franklin

And now, when their hands might be slapped for being stuck into the pockets of others, they say “Please,”? They see giving the rich a tax break (Which has always improved jobs—BTW) as doing so at the expense of the “low income workers”. Ask low income workers, and they’ll tell you they want better jobs. Not handouts, which this line of thinking leads to.

Now, we somehow (In a convoluted way) bring religion into it? It is as if these folks are smoking something. How can what they’ve said about religion above, relate to their prior paragraphs? They apparently conclude that to allow someone to keep what is already theirs is somehow synonymous with finding it “impossible to believe God loves all of His different children”?

Now, I am a Christian, and not wealthy at all. I fully believe in the love of all who are called Children of God. Yet, this is a pitiful attempt to use such belief to render a communist solution that, in other countries, resulted in forced closing of churches, persecution of Christians and murder of Christians. After 70 years of such in his country, the former leader of the dreaded KGB warned America to not go down this road that is suggested here.


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