Sv Rainy Day Fund Lowered, Loan Waived


The Star Valley Town Council has reconfigured its Rainy Day Fund and waived repayment of a loan used to help buy the water company serving the town.

The council opted to use $600,000 of the $1.2 million in the Rainy Day Fund to purchase the $775,000 water company in December 2011. Since then, the council members have debated whether to repay the fund.

With a super majority vote (6-1) Aug. 21, the council decided to amend the ordinance that set the amount in the Rainy Day Fund at $1 million — lowering the total required to $600,000.

The resolution amending the ordinance also included waiving repayment into the fund of the money transferred out to buy the water company. Only Councilor Paty Henderson’s vote was recorded as opposed, though she actually said she could not decide whether to support the resolution. Councilor Barbara Hartwell, who in the past has lobbied for repayment to the fund, cast a very reluctant “aye” vote for the change and waiver.

In other business, the council agreed to shift its leverage (matching) money to get a grant for an improvement project on Pinyon Road for upgrades on its Milky Way well.

Unsatisfactory assistance from the Central Arizona Association of Governments all but negated the town’s chances for money for the roadwork. The town will use some of its Highway User Revenue Fund money from the state to make improvements to Pinyon Road.

The Gila County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Posse came to the Star Valley council requesting financial assistance to provide for a specially trained search dog it was recently donated. The dog, a purebred German shepherd, must be kept isolated in its own kennel, outfitted with a special vest and booties, have regular veterinary care and be fed. Posse representatives estimated about $8,800 would be needed for the year. The additional funds are needed because the dog was donated after the group made its budget. The council tabled action on the request until its December meeting.


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