A Complete Lack Of Integrity



I honestly did not expect to have to write this letter, because I assumed that I would have read about Mike Greer’s resignation from the PSWID board by now, but since that hasn’t happened I feel I must speak out.

Mr. Greer you have shown a complete lack of integrity by your actions. While you maintain that you “didn’t break any law” and that “no harm was done,” I beg to differ.

You have stolen from every single one of your neighbors in Pine and Strawberry and misused your position on the board. To categorize your behavior as “stupid” and try to justify your actions as a “mistake” shows your character is unsuitable for the position in which you serve.

Please do the right thing and resign from the PSWID board immediately.

To the other board members:

The conduct of Mr. Greer will continue to be a black mark on your efforts and overshadow any good you have done for the community. If Mike is unwilling to resign from the board, then it is your obligation to remove him.

In the past I have interacted with several of you personally (including Mike) and it grieves me to have to write this letter, but his actions cannot be condoned or glossed over.

Mr. Lovetro, shame on you for attacking the messenger, Tom Weeks. I realize it would have been much more sanitary to handle this issue internally and sweep it under the rug where the public never had the slightest clue of Mike’s scandalous behavior, however, the only way to properly deal with such issues is to bring them out in the open.

Whether we are talking about Benghazi, Libya or Pine, Arizona, cover-ups just lead to more lies and dishonesty.

Lastly, I want to thank Tom Weeks for doing the right thing. I sincerely hope that the remaining board members will follow his lead.

Jodee Smith


Bernice Winandy 4 years, 1 month ago

Please attend the December 6, meeting 6 p.m. at the Pine Community Center. Let's show our support for Tom Weeks.


Ric Hawthorne 4 years, 1 month ago

Mr. Lovetro seems to think that since Mr. Greer reimbursed the district for $2290.00, give or take a little, and "Apologized" for his actions, all should be forgiven.

NOT SO! Without having any receipts, Mr. Greer should be forced to reimburse the entire amount charged to the card. Simply by saying "Home depot charges were for PSWID business" does not cut it. He could have been buying gifts for friends, power tools for himself, materials for his own home, any number of things, and I for one am not willing to merely accept his word that they were "PSWID Purchases". If we don't have receipts... we have no proof.

Secondly, Mr. Lovetro seems to think of the PSWID as his on little fiefdom and that running things by intimidation and tit for tat accusations is the way he can get what HE wants out of the PSWID. Mr. Lovetro, the PSWID is set up for the betterment of the community, not for you to feel a sense of empowerment. You are personally responsible for making a small community organization a hostile environment where your own petty issues are played out in soap opera fashion. The stories and rumors surrounding the PSWID are unbelievable, and as a resident of Pine, I can say that we are too small of a community to be having these issues ruin what should be a straight forward organization.

Turbidity? No Problem... they have these crazy things called Filters. Problem solved. Tetra Tech recommended them and was set to install them, that is until Mr. Lovetro made dealing with the PSWID so uncomfortable that Tetra Tech washed their hands of us.

Mr. Greer and Mr. Lovetro BOTH need to step up and do the right thing... resign.


Bernice Winandy 4 years, 1 month ago

Mr. Hawthorne, well said. I hope people in Pine/Strawberry will take action to remove Greer and Lovetro. They are diverting energy from solving the water problems as they pursue personal agendas.


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