Endangered Eagles



Far better to err on the safe side than the risky.

I was born here in 1941, and I have seen the ecosystem change a great deal. In the mid-50s here, you could take five deer of any sex in a season, one of the worst mistakes I have ever seen. We used to see deer herds of 50-plus all the time, and they were all fat. Now deer are rare.

Any rancher knows you don’t kill off your breeding cows, they produce the young. And so ever since the mid-60s when you could take two deer of either sex, the mule deer herds are no more.

And so it is with the eagles, when I was a young boy, we never saw them. Now since they have been on the endangered list, we get the pure pleasure of seeing are national symbol often. So it’s far better to keep them on the endangered list and be sure, than wait until they are gone and then say we were wrong.

Someone will probably comment about the vanishing of the deer herds because of loss of habitat, that is also true, but we waited until the numbers were low to go to a permit drawing method.

Let’s leave the eagles on the endangered list, it can’t hurt if we do and it may hurt if we don’t.

Most of my days I spend out in the woods, or on Roosevelt Lake (weather permitting), so I see the changes and they are mostly for the worst.

Dell Owens


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