State Needs To Address Elk Problem



This is to address the letter and “advice” from the Arizona Fish and Game representative, Darren Julian, regarding wildlife conflicts. I called the AF&G the first of May and believe I spoke with Mr. Julian who wrote the article. His first advice to me about our elk problem was to put up an electric fence. In this economy is that a viable option?

The second suggestion was to buy a ‘Super Soaker’ gun to spray the elk with ammonia. Well, that would mean staying up all night and station ourselves in the yard to be able to hear and see them.

We have lived in our subdivision for almost 15 years and have never had elk until last summer. One morning my husband saw 17 of them on the vacant lot near us. Mr. Julian admonished that “people have a responsibility to help keep wildlife “wild.” Many in our area have established gardens, yards and fruit trees and would not consider enticing elk by feeding them. We enjoy gardening and eating the produce and fruit.

Mr. Julian also suggests we install outdoor lighting and 6-foot fences. There are “dark sky” regulations and this shouldn’t be an idea the Arizona Fish & Game should be promoting.

Some subdivisions’ CC&Rs don’t allow for 6-foot fences. It appears they are not willing to be proactive with the elk problem that he admitted is becoming worse. Will this issue be allowed to continue and end in a resulting injury or worse?

What is the accountability of the Arizona Fish & Game when wild animals become a nuisance? They are destroying property and will continue if something is not done.

There was a big article in the Wall Street Journal Nov. 3-4, 2012, “America Gone Wild,” which said, “The total cost of wildlife damage to U.S. crops, landscaping and infrastructure now exceeds $28 billion a year, including a $1.5 billion from deer = vehicle crashes alone.”

Our newly planted built flower bed was totally stomped last night — more damage to contend with.

Jeanie Langham


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