Too Much Economic Bunk



It’s hard to imagine where Steven Hahn has been for the last few months, but it must not have public information available.

Over and over for the last few months, President Obama has clearly stated that he wants to extend tax cuts for 98 percent of Americans. In addition, every effort is being made by Democrats, and others of course, to avoid “going over the cliff” as a result of foolish fiscal policy. To do so would trigger such negative economic results that the Depression would seem mild.

On both counts, Mr. Hahn seems to rely on information conjured in his own mind, perhaps influenced by right wing shills intent upon recruiting narrow minds to an irrational view and assumption of reality. Unfortunately, far too much of this bunk is being touted to a following incapable or unwilling to look beyond its self-serving ideas.

The truth is always available to anyone willing to search hard enough and willing to accept it.

Noble Collins


don evans 4 years, 1 month ago

Resist, obstruct, and confront the Obamanista's.................


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