Principals Do Hiring



I would like to respond to George Kay’s letter to the editor in the Nov. 30, 2012 edition.

Evidently George doesn’t know who actually does the hiring for teachers, teacher aides, and custodians. It is the principal of each school site.

So if the principal and the interview panel come to an agreement after interviewing each candidate on their credentials and deem that a certain candidate would be the best fit for a site, that candidate is offered a contract.

The school board and superintendent have no part in the interview and are not asked for their opinion. Since the principals have to meet or exceed the state’s standards for their schools or risk his or her own job, they are only going to hire well-qualified candidates.

So George is not giving the principal and the interview panel credit for selecting the best candidate for their site.

Payson is a small community and as a result we have a lot of what could be called nepotism in our school district among teachers, aides, administrative staff and other employees.

As a former school board member, I know that the only person the school board can hire or fire is the superintendent. So before George accuses individuals serving their community in a largely thankless and unpaid job, he may want to learn the facts first.

Eileen Daniels,

former school board member


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