Shocked By Senators Refusal To Sign U.N. Treaty



After four years with the most obstructive and do-nothing Congress in history, I thought nothing would surprise me. However, I was wrong — what the Senate did this week shocked me. And I think it shocked many moderate Republicans who still believe in allowing the United States to lead the world in showing compassion to those in need.

There was a vote to sign a non-binding U.N. treaty that would encourage other nations to adopt the same policies that a Republican president signed into law here over 20 years ago. The Americans with Disabilities Act guaranteed that disabled Americans would be given the same access to public places that the rest of us are given, along with other common sense provisions. It would in no way change any of our laws and would have no enforcement provisions — it would just be many nations coming together to agree that the needs of the disabled should be advanced and protected worldwide.

This was an action that had bi-partisan support. And every major veterans group supported it. As a matter of fact, almost everyone supported it, except for a small radical Republican minority who sees danger in the most benign government action and is determined to say no, just for the satisfaction of saying no.

It was heart-rending to see Bob Dole, in obvious poor health, gather his strength to appear in person, most probably for the last time, to show his support for a yes vote. And both McCain and Kerry, in their positions of understanding the needs of disabled veterans, appealed for passage.

And it was telling, during the vote roll call, that many who voted against it either whispered their “no” vote or just indicated their dissent with a hand gesture, rather than speaking up as they usually do. And I think that is because, even in their weakness to be able to stand up for what was right, they were ashamed of what they were doing.

I hope that the reasonable, moderate Republicans that have become victims of a small group with inflexible beliefs and demands will gather their strength to take back their party and once more become a party that embraces and values the rights of all.

Oh, by the way — even China had signed this treaty. So we are now in the enviable position of being less a champion for human rights than they are. The senators’ mothers must be so proud.

Wendy Trainor


ALLAN SIMS 4 years, 1 month ago

Yeah, those bad ol’ Tea Party people just want to see people suffer so they can say no.

Thank goodness at least a few conservative people have the guts to say no. Even if it were so intimidating they could barely slip their hands up. BTW, I really doubt that description, but wasn’t there, so won’t argue the point.

The liberal point of view is that everyone, not just the U.S. should be regimented, and discipline must be assigned worldwide. Thus, they are OK with the notion of one world government. Sure, there’s no need to be concerned if we sign just one more ‘non-binding’ treaty. How can it be a treaty and not be binding? Isn’t that oxymoronic?

Just as the states agreed to share a common government after the revolution, thinking it was limited in how ‘binding’ that ‘treaty’ between the various states was, we now have so many ‘non-binding’ treaties that we are swamped with our regulations that tie us intricately to the UN. Our national parks adhere to UN standards, subjecting themselves to UN control, our soldiers are subject to the International Court should they violate some ‘International Law’, OSHA forces our companies to meet UN standards, and it goes on and on.

So, of course a liberal would see this as just the foolish looking for boogie men in every shadow. And, they belittle we who want to remain separate and apart from this ‘One World Order’. Yet, they are in power now, and the rush will be at breakneck speed to blend our nation with those others, until the distinction becomes meaningless; as meaningless as the states now. Those states that saw no ‘binding’ chains in our constitution are now mere subdivisions of our government, and are forbidden to attempt to leave it. Had that been clearly seen by those delegates that created this central government, they surely would not have signed the document making them so.

In like manner, we can’t seem to see beyond the end of our noses, collectively. And just like then, when a few warned against such an alliance, but were belittled and made to seem foolish (Even as this person does here to those who voted to not ‘bind’ us with this ‘non-binding treaty’) we trudge down the path of the ‘oneness’ such people crave.

Who are we to force sovereign nations to adhere to our communist type laws? Who are they to force us? Oh it was simply to “encourage” them to submit? Isn’t that about one notch short of being told they have to adhere?

The handwriting is on the wall. The world is rushing towards this ‘One World Order’ at breakneck speed, and this person can’t get there fast enough. Well, I’ll just cling to my guns and my bible and we’ll see if red-blooded Americans cow down as this person would like to see.


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