Tourist Chopper Crashes Into Roosevelt Lake.


Charlene Brown and husband Tom were fishing for bass on Roosevelt Lake when Charlene heard a helicopter rushing east across the lake.

It then circled around and came back, low and fast. It hit the water and sounded like a sonic boom.

It immediately broke apart, scattering debris everywhere. The Brown’s and two other bass boats rushed a quarter mile across the lake towards the crash.

By the time they reached the crash site three people had floated to the surface. The female in the water was not conscious. She was hauled into one of the bass boats and cpr was started on her.

Being the only person with a cell phone Brown called 911. The crash victims were hauled to the Cholla launch, on the west side of Roosevelt Lake. It is unclear who revived the woman.

Brown called medical personnel and stayed at the crash scene. Brown dropped a buoy where the chopper went down, and started collecting stuff off the water. Money, chopper log, debris was everywhere. The woman’s purse floated to the surface.

The Brown’s did scene security until the Gila County Sheriff boat arrived. The crash happened shortly after three p.m.

The couple on board with the pilot were on a site seeing tour when the chopper went down.

The three victims were air lifted to a Phoenix hospital.

Emergency helicopter’s were on scene within minutes of the crash. More details of the crash will be in Tuesday's paper.


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