Controlling Those Who Want To Control Elk



It should be, “how do we control people who want elk controlled.” In regards to the recent article about how to control elk, the answer is simple. Put a for sale sign in front of your house and move back to the city you came from, then you can put up with sirens, gun shots, police helicopters over head, gangs, loud boom-boom cars, spray painting on buildings, home invasions and much more.

When you bought your home, it didn’t say you could spray toxic and blinding material on animals just because you planted a salad bar for them. The elk, deer and other animals that eat greens were here before you.

You remind me of the people in Sun City who moved in to their homes knowing full well that Luke Air Force base was right there, and jets flew in all day and night. Then they tried to have the base shut down.

Arizona is one of the last strong holds of freedom to live your life within reason, as you choose. Spraying animals with chemicals is against the law and could blind them! So if you do this, I hope you get arrested. There is one thing you could do besides move, get a 12 volt electric 2 wire system and put it around your garden (which to the animals is like a Luby’s smorgasbord). It will work and won’t hurt the animals. That system is being used in cattle country instead of barbed wire these days.

Dell Owens


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