Republicans Are Incomplete People



I don’t know what line of work Tim Branson is in, but he has a bright future as a stand-up comedian. He takes the most closed-minded people on earth and makes them out to be paragons of inquisitive intelligence. Oh, are they fair and balanced (just like Fox news)? Check out every side! I’m rolling around on the floor after this one. His letter reeks of the usual three-word Republican arguments. Get them past the first sentence or so and they are lost. Have no idea about what’s going on in the world.

Republicans are incomplete people. They have never learned to figure and reason things on their own. They rely on talking heads for all their information. They have never developed compassion or kindness for others (other than the rich). They deal from cold, hard hearts that cannot admit the truth. They must really envy those whose minds and hearts are mature.

Does not your church preach compassion and help for the poor? Then practice it and stop supporting those who hurt them.

Stupidity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Bush gave everything to the rich, impoverished the middle class, gave us recession, wars and shipped jobs overseas. Why, with Romney and Ryan, who promised the very same bull, would this work this time? It didn’t work with old man Bush or Reagan.

Are people so stupid that they expect different results with the same old failed policies? They should fall onto their knees and thank God Obama was re-elected.

Leon Chamberlain


don evans 3 years, 7 months ago

Just one comment about your drivel. Wasn't it your party's convention that actualy had to take a formal public vote as to weather or not they believed in God? And the "No's" voice vote clearly won the day on National TV. You and your like minded socialists nash your teeth about why the tragedy in Newtown? Because you have expelled God from attending school. Live with it.


Dan Haapala 3 years, 7 months ago

Mr. Chamberlain, It is obvious from your response that you sir are a product of higher education and no doubt from an east coast elite school such as Harvard or Yale. Your ability to discover the intelligence of another individual and determine where they got their information, by example "He takes the most closed-minded people on earth and makes them out to be paragons of inquisitive intelligence." and by thus proving your mental superiority, proves you to be a part of the mainstream. But as for me....I think you are full of cow dung. I challenge you to a factual debate of our countries laws and freedoms and won't accept any of your cool aid, party driven talking points unless you can back them up. You can't.You sir are part of the problem. And until you and others like stop wanting to make the almighty Federal government the lord and master of our world, we are headed for collapse.


ALLAN SIMS 3 years, 7 months ago

Where are the goody two-shoes folks who want to stop (supposedly) anyone from attacking the other in these articles? Especially when it is a raging liberal (aka Pinko Communist)? For their ability to sling words around, people of this ilk are empty suits. Looking past the syntax, you can see that this person has swallowed the communist ragsheet themes until it just falls out of their mouths verbatim. The shallowness and narcissism are amazing.

Dan, I bet he won’t take your challenge. One in a hundred do. Oh, they may respond a time or two, but it will be primarily attacks against you or others, or us as a group. You can bet it will have no substance, other than to explain to us idiots how smart and benevolent to the poor and oppressed they are. Then, as you peg them to the wall with undeniable logic and honesty they (With an attempt at saving face) will do a swan song; and leave firing their stern guns as they retreat over the horizon.


Tim Branson 3 years, 7 months ago

Once again, do you notice that Mr. Chamberlain did not listen to a word I said? Do liberals read information differently than normal people? I said we conservatives compared both sides and named several of the ones we watch. Chamberlain apparently didn't get it and brought up only one news outlet, Fox News, as if by watching that particular bain of liberals, it disqualifies conservatives from being open-minded no matter how many other news sources they peruse. Read between the lines and you will see a frustrated, angry, and fearful man who believes anyone who thinks different than him is beneath him. Chamberlain is afraid to watch Fox News or any other conservative venue, because if he did he might be forced to change his tune and his heart. He would actually see things that are being kept from the public by the lame-stream media and would have reliable sources proving it. But that would be too much for any liberal to bear and life wouldn't be so funny anymore. As for which church I go to, I am very particular. I not only go to a church that "preaches compassion and help for the poor" but one that believes in the sanctity of human life from creation to natural death, something liberals like Chamberlain know nothing about because they don't check out "every side." My church preaches that freedom comes with responsibilities to uphold the good and the right. Obamanite churches like the one Chamberlain probably frequents, preach death for unwanted babies and sterile, life-less "marriages" between whomever and whatever anyone wants to marry. They don't preach responsible freedom, they preach license to do whatever you want, to whomever you want, whenever you want, as long as it makes you "happy." And if Chamberlain was to check out the other side he would see that these "happy" people are not happy at all, but are filled with frustration, pain, and fear because they are transgressing God's laws. They would see that the liberal depiction of utopia is the road to death and chaos. But like I said, that would be too much for them. Truth will eventually win out in the end. Too bad the poor Chamberlains of this world will never see it, and therefore never know true peace, joy, and happiness.


Ted Paulk 3 years, 7 months ago

Boy Leon, you sure got the clown car emptied and hollering this time. Same old fools I see. Love, Ted


Ronald Hamric 3 years, 7 months ago

Well Ted, I was wondering just how long it was going to take you to emerge from your bird house. I'm still waiting for your response regarding the offer to drive me and others to the mental facility in the valley. Where do you want to meet? Shopping center, your house on RimVew? You just give us a heads up so we can all be there for your most generous offer. Merry Christmas.


Ted Paulk 3 years, 7 months ago

Ronald, Last week I gave a copy of your threats toward my wife and home to Officer Watson at the Payson Police Dept. If I see you hanging around my house I will report you again. I think you are a total nut case and in light of what has happened lately I am being very cautious.


Ronald Hamric 3 years, 7 months ago

Lighten up Ted, I know the "offer" you made was in jest and my replys are likewise. Are you so paranoid that you think someone would find your sorry butt worthy of going to jail for? Now just who is it that is "the crazy one's" in this debate? By the way, appreciate that all your comments on this blog are archived as well. Be more than happy to have the discussion with PD or anyone else as to just who the belligerant is that started the name calling. Merry Christmas.


Robert Jones 3 years, 7 months ago

"like minded socialists"

"I think you are full of cow dung"

"raging liberal (aka Pinko Communist)"

"people of this ilk "

These wonderfully constructed "points of debate" I copied/pasted from just one single thread from just 3 single posters (I left Branson alone because He was personally mentioned/attacked by the other side)!!!

Whatever happened to civility? Respecting other citizens views? Surely they must have minds, too----and perhaps even use them once in a while.

Oh wait!

"east coast elite school such as Harvard or Yale"

Maybe this last copy/paste explains it? You people of your "ilk" just want us all as stupid as you appear to be. Since when did a quality education at ANY institute of higher education (It's NOT just the IVY league that I've seen attacked here by those of your "ilk", it's all colleges including our own U of A!!) become a negative experience to be "attacked"

Methinks you're just envious of the better informed and less afraid of the future. Tell you what, go actually meet and talk with some college educated American citizens and see whether or not they are responsible informed citizens who want to preserve our country and it's future, not to mention the globe as a whole!!

If you can't find any among those of your preferred "ilk" try somewhere other than a tea-bagger meeting!!

Mr. Branson is right about one thing. Truth will eventually win out. Too bad you guys won't be around to see it (or me for that matter), we're all way too old and bitter to be a part of any new enlightened debate or world/country. We'll be dead! (I said WE) Many will be glad we're gone!

Shame on the RoundUp for allowing such hatred and venom to be such a visible example of our Rim Country to outsiders!


don evans 3 years, 7 months ago

According to pathetic paulk in his previous words, we are all just old white men haters. He apparently has issues with white men! Hmmmmm Could it be an oldtion issue? amorus rejection issue?


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