‘Copper Mine Or Paradise’ Vs. ‘Copper Mine Or Poverty’



A recent letter (in The Arizona Republic) entitled “Copper mine or paradise” was critical of a proposed mine near the town of Superior. The writer suggested that we examine the proposed copper mine site and “See the quiet campsites where people go to escape.” The writer goes on to suggest that we “Follow the ravines where water is carried to the town below. Then envision the nation’s largest copper mine replacing it.”

As a former board chair of the Arizona Department of Mines and director of a business association that depends on mining I would rather suggest that readers examine the nearby town of Superior and the obvious poverty that exists today. This once attractive mining town has fallen into disrepair. Imagine the construction of a large and environmentally safe copper mine and the high paying jobs it would produce. This area could once again be a thriving community that produces valuable resources for the nation rather than requiring government subsidies for its citizens to stay alive.

Roy Miller


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