Look At The Date On The (Mayan) Calendar!

The Village finally got its share of snow this past weekend.

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The Village finally got its share of snow this past weekend.


Oh my! Look at the date on the paper ... The world is supposed to end today. I haven’t heard a time when this is supposed to happen, maybe you will have time to read this column before the end comes.

Honestly, I have not dwelled on this, so suffice it to say I don’t imagine that the world will come to an end. Anyway, I am not ready, I have too much living to do yet, and my bucket list is still a long way from being empty. We shall see if we are still here on Dec. 22.

The Village finally got its share of snow this past weekend. As far as anyone’s guess goes, the total is around 12 inches. We missed two Christmas parties since the roads were really not safe enough to leave a party in the evening — the roads got icy! Our puggle, Daisy Mae, was totally frustrated as to where to do her business. She didn’t want to get her toes wet, so she would stay on the back porch until we just about pushed her into the yard. She took one look at all that white stuff, turned around and went back into the house.

Hellsgate Fire Department

Thanks to the generosity of paramedic/firefighter, George Karrys, about 20 of the firefighters experienced a lesson in extrication from a vehicle a few weeks ago. George donated his defunct Suzuki car to the fire department for the experience. The firefighters were ecstatic to tear apart a vehicle but be learning the right way to extricate a person safely. There was a lot of noise and hammering, and buzz saws going at the vehicle and the action caused a small commotion in the neighborhood so everyone stood around to watch.

Thank you to the Karrys family and especially to George. Valuable lessons were learned.

The Hellsgate Fire Department administrative office in Star Valley will be closed for the holidays — Dec. 24 and 25 and Jan. 1.

Burn permits are still being issued by the fire department, but if you have a small amount to burn, say about 3-feet-by-3-feet, you do not need a burn permit. As a courtesy, you can call the office and tell them that you are burning pine needles, etc., but when the burn pile is a small amount, a burn permit is not needed.

Shelby School

The Scouts at The Shelby School have made beautiful bunches of fresh mistletoe. For a donation of $5 to Pack #7787 you can get one of these festive, red-ribboned packages for your holiday. They will be available in Payson and in Tonto Village. Please call Assistant Cub Master Daniel Rensch for details at (602) 618-2045.

Another great-grandbaby

On Dec. 13, our family grew by one more person. Micah Rockwell Porter arrived at the Yuma Regional Medical center at about 5 p.m., weighing in at 7 pounds, 2 ounces. The proud parents are our grandson Jonathan Porter and granddaughter-in-law Janet. Micah came a bit early, so there are respiratory issues, but he soon will be home with his older brother, Isaac. Congratulations to Jon and Janet.

We now have five great-grandchildren. How blessed we are!

On a sad note

Charles (Chuck) Stailey, a longtime resident of Tonto Village, passed away on Dec. 15 after a tedious battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Chuck leaves behind wife, Linda and several children, stepchildren and grandchildren.

Funeral arrangements are still pending.

’Tis the season

This column is the last one before Christmas, so I want to wish my readers a blessed Christmas. Christmas is like snowflakes — each one is unique. May this holiday season be a memorable one and wishing you quiet moments with friends and family this holiday season and peace and joy for the coming year.


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