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Any reasonable person could assume that if you have elk born in your back yard, and they go up and come stick their head through the window of your home, you have done something to take their natural fear of man away. You have either put out salt blocks, bird feeders, water or some kind of food for them, or they would still be wary of people.

All people who do this sort of thing, “love them to death,” and in general you have invited legal hunters to kill them.

I wouldn’t shoot a world record animal that was tame, in or out of the city limits. People who buy out in rural areas think that not only do they own the acre they bought, but also a quarter-mile area around their property, and they don’t.

A simple solution to all those who have an elk problem: go to the feed store and buy a simple electric shocker device that only requires four poles and two strands of wire. It will not hurt the animals or the birds, just keep them away. If not, then what the people who complain are really advocating is, “shoot them.”

There is a solution if you care enough, if you don’t want to go to that little bit of expense, then move!

Dell Owens


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