Violence Existed Before The Gun



I could not agree more with your view regarding domestic violence. I was in full agreement until your final lines. Again we blame the gun.

Humans have been killing humans for millions of years. The choice of weapon has nothing to do with the act. Before guns, humans used knives, axes, spears and before that technology we bludgeoned one another with a club or stone.

What we need to do is stop the movie industry from producing so much violence and glorifying drug use.

Now we have two states, Colorado being one that has legalized general use of pot; so now the borderline loonies can be pushed over the edge and get high. Bad enough we have drunks.

Doctors should be required to notify authorities if they are treating mentally ill people, so they can be put into the database for background checks like the rest of the public.

The victim should have gotten the order of protection so that the police could act if it was violated and finally she should have exercised her right of self defense and got a gun of her own.

Robert Kraniak


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