Vote For Brandon Iron!


KMOG and its disc jockey Brandon Iron won top honors recently from New Music Weekly — named top country music station and top musical director.

Now they need a little help from the hometown crowd.

Brandon Iron earned the recognition as a result of his diligent search for new artists — especially singer/songwriters from Arizona. He’s on a quiet, one-man crusade to both honor the roots of country-western music and find new talent with a distinctive sound. That means he’s swimming upstream against the overwhelming gush of slick, Top-40 songs originated in Nashville and flooding airwaves nationwide.

Mostly, pre-packaged, rock-based, pretty-faced singers that appeal to the teeny-bopper downloaders have swallowed up country music — with barely a spin left for legends like Willie, alternative sounds like Lyle Lovett or distinctive new artists. Everywhere you go, the DJs push the same short list of big hits.

Brandon Iron hasn’t done that. Instead, he works through his own eclectic play list — so listeners can savor the classics, enjoy the top hits — and also enjoy artists they’ve never heard of before.

So we congratulate KMOG — and Brandon Iron — on the nomination.

We hope that you’ll all log onto KMOG’s Web site right now and go to the New Music Weekly box in the middle of the page to vote for our own hometown station — and lend an ear to Brandon Iron’s crusade.


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