Mild Winter Causing Forest Fire Concerns


What a mild winter we are having! I am not complaining about the lack of snow, and my hubby surely isn’t either, he has to shovel that white stuff.

The concern from the lack of snow ratchets up the chances for a very active forest fire season. Everyone will need to be extra aware of any sparks that would cause a forest fire. There are many households that use wood either in a fireplace or wood stove so having a spark screen on the top of your chimney is very important along with having your chimney cleaned out at least once a year.

If you or any of your relatives like to ride their ATVs, please check to see if they have spark arrestors on the vehicles, the exhaust pipes can get very hot and can be a big problem if the exhaust is right next to dry pine needles.

Leap year

February 2012 is a leap year. Traditionally, this means that a woman can propose marriage to her loved one. In some areas, the proposal would be any day in February not only on Feb. 29. Go for it girls! Leap year does not happen again for another four years. The explanation for the extra day can be found in Wikileaks, but I did find one explanation that states that the extra day in February in a Gregorian calendar is added to keep the calendar year synchronized with the astronomical calendar.

Hellsgate Fire Department

The administrative office of the Hellsgate Fire Department in Star Valley will be closed on Monday, Feb. 20 in recognition of Presidents’ Day.

The fire board recognized several firefighters and the financial business manager, Angie Lecher, on their years of service.

Angie has been a vital part of the fire department since 1998. Karen Carlen, administrative assistant, has served the fire department for two years. The firefighters include John Jackson, two years; Lenny Trujillo, two years; and Travis Kilbourne, one year. Thank you for your service and dedication to the Hellsgate Fire Department.

Blood pressure checks are continuing at the Lamplighter Trailer Park every first Saturday of the month. The next one will be on March 3 from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. at the community center. Coffee and donuts will be served and a few representatives from the Fireflies will be on hand to promote the auxiliary to the Star Valley women.

Election Day

On Feb. 28, the polls will be open for just a few hours to collect the early ballots.

Only the members of the Republican party and the Green party will be voting. Tonto Village and the surrounding area is in the Zane Grey District. The ballots will be collected at the Christopher Creek Community Bible Fellowship Church. The hours have yet to be determined.

Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

On Feb. 11, Kara Shaw of Tonto Village III will celebrate her birthday. Kara is active in the Double D pool competitions and has recently joined the Hellsgate Fireflies, besides holding down a position of loan officer for National Bank and being the mom of two active boys. Have a great day, Kara!

On the same day, one of our Realtors, Tim Ehrhardt from Mead Ranch, will add another candle to his birthday cake. Thorry Smith, a Hellsgate firefighter, will also celebrate Feb. 11 with another birthday.

On Feb. 13, Virginia Rankhorn also known as ‘Ginny,’ celebrates her big day. Ginny has been a longtime resident of Tonto Village and she could tell you many stories of some of the old-timers from the area. Here’s hoping that you will have a very special birthday, Ginny!

Clint Daniels of Tonto Village III will have two reasons to celebrate his birthday on Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day. Could be his wife of 55 years will give him two boxes of candy to mark his special day. Rick Meeker, who happens to be our best fishing buddy, will be celebrating his birthday on Feb. 16. Rick also helps out the Fireflies when we have our fund-raisers by lugging chairs and tables around and stacking them. The Fireflies sure appreciate his help.

The importance of birthdays is not how many you’ve had but rather how well you’ve celebrated. Happy birthday to everyone!

On a personal note, our granddaughter, Bethany, and her husband, Dan McGrew, will be celebrating their third wedding anniversary on Feb. 14. May you continue to grow together in life and love. Happy anniversary!

Double D Doings

There will be a Valentine’s Day Prom Party at the Double D on Friday, Feb. 11.

A special shrimp dinner will be served at 6 p.m. and then the party starts at 7 p.m. with a DJ and karaoke for the rest of the evening. The partygoers are asked to wear what they wore to their proms in their own era, (if you can fit into them!) I don’t have mine, I let my children play dress-up with them years ago!

In the nine-ball competition last Tuesday shooting for first place was a longtime resident of Tonto Village, Linda Stailey, followed by Sharon Marksbury and Yvonne Langley, placing second and third places. Yvonne is new to the Village and she is welcome.


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