Guns Should Be Allowed On Campus



You don’t mince words when you, in your humble opinion, attack the intelligence of a lawmaker who decides that eligible students and educators should be allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus.

A wise crack about some legally armed dude blowing away some bad guy with a gun. There is a 50/50 chance that when the bad guy finds out that he ain’t the only one with a gun, he might change his mind. Without the possibility of some one else being armed, he ain’t about to change it.

You say 31,000 deaths were from guns — you don’t say how many of them were from self-defense or in the defense of other people. You say that 200,000 non-fatal wounds were from guns — yet again you make no mention of how many were the result of self-defense, nor do you indicate how many of the so-called statistics were caused by those who were in possession of a weapon illegally, a convenient statistic for anti-gunners to ignore. You don’t want “immature students” running around on campus armed. At what age is a person considered mature?

The person has to be 21 to get a CCW permit. We send younger than that to combat, (I know, they are volunteers and go willingly). Does this make them more mature than the guy who is in GCC?

Where is the ending point for immaturity? Our “insane” legislators have apparently determined that 21 is the point of maturity. If you are referring to high school students and graduates under 21, they are not of legal age to possess a handgun to begin with.

How many fistfights have broken out in a biology class? How many stab wounds from that scalpel they use to dissect that frog?

You seem to forget one fact that has been proven time and again, the guy that is intent on committing a crime with a gun is not going to worry about whether he can legally carry that weapon or not — it just isn’t going to bother him one bit about what the law says about guns on campus.

You could have stated your opinion without insulting those that you disagree with and still got your point across.

Jim Gier


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