Vote For A Sheriff Who Follows The Constitution



Did you know that our county sheriff can fight back the feds — just as Sheriff Joe Arpaio is doing in Maricopa County?

Did you know that our county sheriff is the highest governmental authority in our county? And, within that jurisdiction — inside our county — our sheriff has more power than the governor of the state.

Note: Our sheriff has more power in our county than the president of the United States and in our county, our sheriff can overrule the president and kick his people out.

Sheriff Richard Mack held a convention for county sheriffs in Las Vegas last week. His quest is educating all sheriffs on their power and how to use it.

I believe every person in the country needs to know how important it is to vote for a strong, principled sheriff who believes in and follows our Constitution.

Judy Oconnell


Dan Haapala 4 years, 11 months ago

I concur, but the amount of power the County Sheriff holds is in direct proportion to the amount of his budget approved by the County Board of Supervisors. No disrespect intended.


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