Ways To Reduce The Price Of Gas



There are hundreds of millions of stop signs in the U.S., just change them to yield, it will save billions of barrels of oil. Less oil required and better gas mileage. Also put a lot of people to work changing the signs.

Change maximum speed limit of 65 to 55 on average it would save 20 percent in MPG. Example: my car gets 32 MPG at 65 MPH, at 55 MPH it is 40 MPG, that’s 20 percent better. Wouldn’t you like that? Every fifth gallon is free, lets figure your price per gallon. Gas is around $3.40 per gallon, 5 gallons is (5) $3.40=$17, so $17-$3.40=$13.60/5=$2.72 your price per gallon. Now that is real big savings.

You have heard all the small gas savings, will not bring them up.

We need to put up speeding cameras on the Beeline, between the two roundabouts. Star Valley has them, why not Payson? We can use the extra money, and it would slow down traffic in the area.

David Jewett


Rex Hinshaw 4 years, 11 months ago

How old is this writer....12 ? Right, take us back to the Jimmy Carter days. How about our government allowing oil drilling, building new refineries and not shutting down the ones we have. All this writers' ideas are sophomoric and smack of the social control and engineering that liberals are so fond of.


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