District Needs A Better Conservative In Washington



All Tea Party candidates have (in some form) pledged to reduce government spending, reduce the federal debt and stop government control of health care, and to protect our freedom and liberty.

Local issues: Forests, mining, cattle grazing, medical care for Native Americans, power plants, water, EPA regulations.

With four offices in District 1 and a staff of six in Washington here are the results:

Voted to increase debt ceiling, a multi-trillion dollar increase. Presidential budget this week forecasts $1.3 trillion deficit.

Nine bills introduced, one passed others in committee

One H Res introduced, in committee.

Nine amendments introduced (five failed 2-1).

Transferred funds from one area to another. No cost savings. Information from Thomas.gov.

HR 408 Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan offered opportunity to help our cause. While Reps. Franks, Flake, Schweikert co-sponsored, Rep. Gosar missing. Tea Party needed representatives at the State of the Union address, we saw a variety of tweets from your meeting in Arizona with business leaders. C-Span video.

This record shows you did not earn another term.

Is the make up of District 1 a problem?

Will moving to Prescott improve chances for re-election?

Want to become a career politician?

Hope this is not your motivation, still suspect.

Much needs to be done before the November election, may not happen. Will be done in a lame duck session or left to successors in 2013?

We need a better conservative direction.

Michael Armstrong


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